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Eurotek Designs for 23 years has been recognized world wide as a specialized tuning manufacture and engineering group for the exotic super car and professional motorsports segment. We are leaders in ECU Performance Tuning, R&D Engineering and specialist in Technical Diagnostics and ECU Repairs. Our Electronic Engineering Department specializes in serial programming for all BOSCH, DENSO, CAMPI, CONTINENTAL, SIEMENS and MAGNETTI MARELLI control units on the test bench or via OBD2.

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We provide the most advanced and proven engineering  of all relevant engine and gearbox tuning parameters within safe limits of operation. Our modern tuning solutions for the optimization of performance do not require the use of Piggyback tuning modules that require cutting into the vehicles engine wiring harness which will void all new car warranties.


Our expertise also enables the reconciliation of retrofited modifications and individual tuning for special requests such as gearbox conversions of Ferrari F1 to gated 6SP manual through optimized software patches. NEXT PROJECT?


Eurotek’s core values have always been within the motorsports world and exotic automotive segment. This allows dynamic testing and engineering advancements that are perfected and later integrated into the consumer sports car markets and private sector. We have designed and assisted development in the least invasive ECU tuning prototcols and hardware interfaces currently on the market today for some of the most complex ECU platforms from BOSCH, DENSO, CAMPI, CONTINENTAL, SIEMENS and MAGNETTI MARELLI. Through our parent divisions over the course of 25 years we have been immersed in engine building, chassis fabrication, racecar design, vehicle restorations and complete custom vehicle conversions. As a result this gives us a breadth of technical knowledge not only on the electronics spectrum of the vehicles CAN systems and hardware infrastructure but all other mechanical systems throughout the vehicle that cannot be matched by anyone else in the ECU tuning world. Give us a call to experience working with passionate automotive engineers and car builders.


For years, EUROTEKDESIGNS has been focusing on its own development of hardware for the optimization of the engine and gearbox software. Reliable tools that protect vehicle components during chip tuning are always used. OBD2 tools which are connected to the vehicle via the vehicle diagnostic connector and ensure a secure data transfer to read, write and modify the data within the vehicles CAN system is common for local clients. We also have developed and perfected hardware interface components to bench tune all ECU platforms for clients around the world safely and securely without having to revert back to the old ways of desoldering SMD components off the mainboards for manipulation. Our process is reliable, undetectable and expansive for future upgrades and diagnostic revisions and software patches. With our in house engineers who have access to all DAMOS files which enables us to fine tune the vehicles performance for all regions of the world, fuel and emissions requirements.